My Virtual Life: Yomy_virtual_life_cover_for_kindleung, smart, and ambitious, Andie Duke is lucky to be chosen as the spokesperson for the Virtual Office, the world’s most advanced virtual reality system. Or is she? Because being the VO girl is a lot more complicated than she thought it would be, especially when an old enemy resurfaces and Andie finds herself falling for her new coworker, Ben.

“The Virtual Office is the greatest technological achievement since the personal computer or the tablet.” –Technology Today Magazine

“I walked into that Virtual Office a sceptic, and before I’d been inside for three minutes, I knew I was experiencing the greatest technological advance of the decade, and quite possibly the century.”  –Andrew Franklin, CEO of MicroGene, Inc.

My Virtual Life is a New Adult novel, and it contains some adult subject matter. You can purchase the book at the CreateSpace store or through



The Glare Continues: Laney is alive, but just barely. When the apocalypse strikes, she escapes the men who are keeping her captive, but the tortured nightmares and hallucinations triggered by their abuse are harder to escape. Laney only wants to find and protect  her sister, but if she’s going to survive the new world, she must face something even more terrifying than the apocalypse itself–her own broken soul.

The Glare Continues is a Young Adult novel, and it contains some adult subject matter and violence that may. You can purchase the book at the CreateSpace store or through


ScrapboScrapbooking Games and More Coveroking Games and More: Finding and planning games and activities for your next crop party just got a whole lot easier! Scrapbooking Games and More provides instructions and supply lists for games and contests that run

the gamut from those that are quick and easy to play to ones are more complex. This reference book is a must-have for any serious scrapbooker! You can pick this book up through or at the CreateSpace store…and happy scrappin’!


Blood of an Elf: Quinn’s Story: It isn’t easy being different. Quinn doesn’t fit in anywhere and Blood of an Elf final cover dowload 2-26-15she doesn’t have any friends except for the plants–Quinn talks to them and they talk back. When Quinn meets Devin Sitka, she thinks she’s finally made a friend until she learns that Devin and his family have been searching for her for years. And they seem to know all about her gift…

Blood of an Elf: Quinn’s Story is a Middle Grade novel. You can pick it up through or at the CreateSpace store. You can also visit the Hunters’ blog ( to follow Quinn and her friends between books.


the_glare_cover_for_kindle-1The Glare: Jenna is only thirteen when her mother is killed. She and her sister, Laney, are afraid the authorities will separate them if their mother’s death is discovered, so they bury her and pretend nothing has happened. The girls struggle to find food and avoid suspicious neighbors. Things even start to look up for them until a strange, bright light appears in the sky, throwing everyone on Earth into survival mode. Jenna must find the strength her sister possesses–or she may not survive this changing world and the terrifying dangers that lurk around every corner.

The Glare is a Young Adult novel, and it contains some (implied) adult subject matter. You can purchase a print version of the book at the Createspace e-store or through You can also purchase it as an e-book from as well.


Magazine Articles

85086 Magazine (March 2015): Page 34 “Serve and Protect” (Cover Story)

East Valley Magazine (February/March 2015): Page 20 “Buzz/Events,” Page 26 “Hard Labor (Column), Page 30 “Paralympic Aspiration and Personal Inspiration,” Page 36 “Aiming High” (Cover Story)

 East Valley Magazine (December 2014/January 2015): Page 20 “Buzz/Events,” Page 28 “Relax Yourself Senseless: True REST” (Column)

85085 Magazine (December 2014): Page 28 “Do Good” (Cover Story)

85086 Magazine (December 2014): Page 28 “Do Good” (Cover Story)

85086 Magazine (November 2014): Page 26 “An Eye for Detail”

East Valley Magazine (October/November 2014): Page 18 “Buzz/Events,” Page 24 “Dancing at Paragon” (Column)

East Valley Magazine (August/September 2014): Page 16 “Buzz/Events,” Page 22 “Beautifully Broken Buckles,” Page 26 “Glass Fusing in Ahwatukee” (Column), Page 43 “X-Treme Teens” (Cover Story) 

85086 Magazine (July 2014):  Page 24 “Rhapsody School of Music Finds a New Home”

85086 Magazine (June 2014): Page 38 “Beat the Heat” (Cover Story)

East Valley Magazine (June/July 2014): Page 20 “Buzz/Events,” Page 23 “No Age Limit,” Page 28 “Straight Arrow” (Column)

East Valley Magazine (April/May 2014):  Page 20 “Buzz/Events,” Page 26 “Designing Duo”

North Valley Magazine (February/March 2014): Page 57 “Rising Star”

85086 Magazine (March 2014): Page 37 “Whiz Kid” (Cover Story)

East Valley Magazine (February/March 2014): Page 20 “Buzz/Events,” Page 47 “Rising Star” (Cover Story)

85086 Magazine (February 2014): Page 13 “Skip the Chocolate this Valentine’s Day,” Page 42 “Outdoor Trends”

East Valley Magazine (December 2013/January 2014): Page 26 “Calendar”

North Valley Magazine (December 2013/January 2014):  Page 30 “Hot Wheels” (Cover Story)

85086 Magazine (December 2013): Page 12 “A Fresh Note”


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    • Hi Kelly! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! I’m currently working on the sequel to The Glare and hope to release it near the end of the year. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment–I’d love to hear about your favorite parts if you stop by again! Anissa


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