(and Haley Dzuik at rock!

have a happy fourth of july!

I’ve been having the BEST time playing with to make awesome pieces for use on social media.  Thanks so much, Haley Dzuik ( for your amazing presentation at the Parchment and Prose writing group last month.  I may not have figure out how to add a Pinterest pin to my blog yet (yeah, I’m THAT technologically challenged sometimes) but Canva?  It’s SO easy!  =)  I can’t wait to post some of the fun and silly things I’ve created for The Glare!  SO FUN!!

Scrapbooking Games and More is O-U-T!

Scrapbooking Games and More Cover

I’ve been going back and forth about what book to put out next. I have a couple of finished novels that *just* needed editing before they’re ready to be published…but I’ve also been working on sequels to The Glare and Blood of an Elf: Quinn’s Story. The problem is that sometimes a girl just doesn’t feel like writing fiction.  I was hemming and hawing to myself about what project to work on one day when–EUREKA–it hit me!  I wrote a book of scrapbooking games back when I used to hold crop parties for some of my friends, and I knew that somewhere–SOMEWHERE–I had a copy of the games on DVD.  It took a while to dig them up, and then even longer to reformat everything so it was CreateSpace and Kindle friendly (the Kindle part wasn’t so fun…I had to completely change the structure to make it even sort of compatible with all the e-readers out there).  But I did it–the book is officially O-U-T!  You can pick it up through CreateSpace store or Amazon. Thanks for supporting me by buying (or downloading) a copy today!

About the book: This easy-to-use guide is full of scrapbooking games and ice-breakers that are perfect for any setting. Whether you’re hosting a crop party for a few friends or a scrapbooking event for hundreds, this is a must-have book!

Blood of an Elf: Quinn’s Story is Here!

Blood of an Elf final cover dowload 2-26-15Blood of an Elf: Quinn’s Story is officially OUT!  You can pick it up through or at the CreateSpace store. You can also visit the Hunters’ blog ( to follow Quinn and her friends between books.  Thanks for supporting me by picking up (or downloading) a copy today!  (Barry says “thank you,” too!)

About the book: It isn’t easy being different. Quinn doesn’t fit in anywhere and she doesn’t have any friends except for the plants—Quinn talks to them and they talk back. When Quinn meets Devin Sitka, she thinks she’s finally made a friend until she learns that Devin and his family have been searching for her for years. And they seem to know all about her gift…

New Release!


I’m excited to announce that The Glare is now available in print and in e-book!

Purchase a print version from the Createspace e-store or You can also purchase it as an e-book from if you prefer!

Here’s a bit about the book: Jenna is only thirteen when her mother is killed. She and her sister, Laney, are afraid the authorities will separate them if their mother’s death is discovered, so they bury her and pretend nothing has happened. The girls struggle to find food and avoid suspicious neighbors. Things even start to look up for them until a strange, bright light appears in the sky, throwing everyone on Earth into survival mode. Jenna must find the strength her sister possesses–or she may not survive this changing world and the terrifying dangers that lurk around every corner.